South East Essex

Please see list of pharmacies for each PCN in South East Essex

Benfleet PCN updated April 2021

Canvey PCN change of PCN Lead October 2020

Rayleigh & District PCN

Rochford PCN updated March 2021

North Road PCN

Southend Central PCN updated January 2021

Southend East PCN updated January 2021

West Central PCN updated March 2021

West Leigh PCN updated April 2021

This is a summary for Clinical Directors and Pharmacy Leads in South East Essex


Clinical Director Pharmacy Lead Pharmacy OCS Code PCN
SE Essex Dr Jamil Sorouii Kalpesh Vibhakar Mangopharm Ltd FV495 Southend Central PCN
Dr Aiden Irlam Shailesh Shah West Road Pharmacy FH037 Southend East PCN
Dr Alex Shaw & Dr Shahid Shah Fizz Haji Belfairs FR725 West Leigh PCN
Dr Irfan Akram Bina Patel Kalsons Pharmacy FAN08 West Central PCN
Dr Smitesh Patel Hinesh Patel Cross Pharmacy FFQ50 Benfleet PCN
Dr Godwin Yomi Adegbite Gabby Sylvester Britannia Pharmacy, Long Road FWW06 Canvey PCN
Dr Ralf Genthe Avi Gami Ferry Pharmacy FY681 Rayleigh & District PCN
Dr Sadik Merali Sajjad Manji C Percy FG175 Rochford PCN
Dr Patric Otte Adewale Agbejule Haveela Pharmacy FKW96 North Road PCN