Electronic Medicines Optimisation Pathway (EMOP)

Improving medication safety and communication with EMOP

Eastern AHSN has initiated and supported the Electronic Medicines Optimisation Pathway programme for pharmacy providers in the east of England. We are rolling out the innovative PharmOutcomes system to make electronic prescribing around care discharges to the community faster, more accurate and more efficient for health professionals and patients.

Recent research estimates that up to 1 in 5 prescriptions ends in the wrong drug being given to a patient, equivalent to 237 million errors a year. The AHSN Network is improving medication safety through innovation across the country. Our EMOP programme is part of a national drive to reduce patient safety incidents caused by medication communication issues when care is discharged from hospital. Eastern AHSN is working in partnership with NHS trusts, Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPC), and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) within East Anglia to roll out the EMOP programme. The software chosen to deliver EMOP is PharmOutcomes developed by Pinnacle Health Partnership (PHP).

Click here to view a video guide outlining key aspects of PharmOutcomes and further information on improving medication safety and communication.

The EMOP resources page contains step-by-step films and guidance documents on using PharmOutcomes.

The programme has now gone live for all hospitals in Essex.

All pharmacies have been opted in to receive messages from the hospital when vulnerable patients who use their pharmacy are discharged. Please ensure you have a system in your pharmacy to identify when these referrals are received.

LPC Resources


PharmOutcomes Community Pharmacy Screen Shots

Until the service beds in, Essex LPC will be contacting contractors where it appears that referrals have been sent but not accessed. This is to ensure you have all the support you need to get up and running with the system. If you require any support with this important new initiative, please contact us on office@essexlpc.org.uk