PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit

Pharmacies will be asked to carry out the audit on a single day in the week commencing Monday 29th June.

team briefing sheet and audit template are now available to support contractors and their teams in preparing to undertake this audit. The briefing sheet sets out the criteria for inclusion, what needs to be recorded and how to reflect on your pharmacy’s results. It also answers some frequently asked questions as identified during testing with a small number of pharmacies. The audit template provides a simple way to record the required data, making things smoother for data entry onto PharmOutcomes.

Please see here for the recording of the recent webinar Karen hosted 23.6.2020

To successfully complete the audit, pharmacy teams will need to:

  • Record patient/customer interactions where advice was given by either a non-pharmacist team member and/or a pharmacist.
  • Carry this out for one whole day recording all consultations. (To be a valid audit, each pharmacy needs to achieve at least 20 consultations, therefore a small number will need to continue for a second day.)
  • Estimate the percentage of consultations that were recorded during that time period (this is to recognise that some consultations may be missed).
  • Rate your confidence in the advice given to help identify areas for improvement to reflect on post-audit.
    Enter the data on PharmOutcomes