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CD Accountable Officer -Dr Leoni Prasad

Incidents, requests for witnessed destruction etc should be logged/reported on and any immediate concerns (forged/stolen prescriptions, drug-seeking behaviour etc) go to

Recommended Timescales for Retention of Patient Records

The Essex LPC Ultimate Guide to Monitored Dosage Systems (including template letter for social care agencies)

PREM2D Application to undertake an MUR by telephone, to be completed and permissioned to be obtained prior to MUR taking place, email:

Warfarin/ DMARDs interim repatriation of prescribing to Southend Hospital,

The transfer process started on 7 April with GPs within Canvey, Rochford and Rayleigh & District PCNs referring patients to the Specialists Medication Service. GPs are required to ensure that the patient has at least one month supply of medication prior to referring them to the service. Once the referral is accepted, patients will be contacted by the service via letter and an information leaflet to advise them of the service.

Patients are required to contact the service via email or phone  at least 14 days prior to running out of their current supply and also inform the service of their nominated community pharmacy. The service carries out the necessary blood test checks and if appropriate to prescribe, a prescription will be posted via 1st class mail to the nominated pharmacy. A text message will then be sent to the patient advising that the prescription has been sent to their nominated pharmacy and will be ready for collection within 5 working days.

Reasonable adjustments are a legal requirement to make sure health services are accessible to all disabled people.