South West Essex

Below are all the Primary Care Network pharmacy details for South West Essex

West Basildon PCN

East Basildon PCN

Brentwood PCN

Billericay PCN

Wickford PCN

Central Basildon PCN

Stanford-le-Hope PCN

Grays PCN

South Ockendon & Purfleet PCN

Tilbury & Chadwell PCN

This is a summary of the Clinical Directors and Pharmacy Leads in South West Essex

Clinical Director Pharmacy Lead Pharmacy OCS Code PCN
SW Essex Dr Anita Pereira Amar Nandhra Well, Laindon FQ898 West Basildon PCN
Dr Raman Chandal Vaishali Ghai Vanas Pharmacy FW294 East Basildon PCN
Dr  Arv Guniyangodage Indi Colar PharmChoice FJM44 Brentwood PCN
Dr Nazhat Sarfraz Jose Aparisi Shadforths, 49 High Street, Billericay FD812 Billericay PCN
Dr Raj Rai Mo Raje Shadforths, 23 High Street, Wickford FG064 Wickford PCN
Dr Sanjana Banka Rajiv Sharma Great Berry Pharmacy FQC91 Central Basildon PCN
Dr Sharma Kranthi Aluka Hassengate Pharmacy FT060 Stanford-le-Hope PCN
Dr Wendorff Anne-Marie Ford Well, Stifford Clays FQY84 Grays PCN
Dr Munshi Joanna Williams South Road Pharmacy FKL83 South Ockendon & Purfleet PCN
Dr Chris Olukanni and Dr Reg Rehal Husain Master Chapharm Ltd FTR41 Tilbury & Chadwell PCN