Foot and eye checks

October is clearly going to be a very busy month for all of us, please find attached resources from PSNC to support the Diabetes foot and eye check audit for PQS. This audit runs from 1st October to 31st December 2019.

NB you will not be able to record audit results on Manage Your Service until it opens for PQS submissions in February.

To note:

Don’t forget that patients over 18 with diabetes are eligible for ‘flu vaccine, so when you call them in for ‘flu vaccine ask them about foot and eye checks and vice-versa. (The audit is for patients aged 12 and over.) And as it is October, you might want to discuss smoking with them…

Let your GP practice know- that way they can prepare for a spike in activity. We are liaising with diabetes services and LMC, but that may not trickle down to the coal face. Also we are supposed to be building relationships at PCN level, remember!

Details of the Essex Diabetes Eye Screening Programme are below, this may be a useful training resource for you or your staff as well as patients, and includes contact details regarding appointments.