Pharmacy Quality Scheme

Pharmacy Quality Scheme

November 20, 2019

We appreciate that you are really busy, but there are some key Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) Gateway Criteria deadlines on 30th November 2019 ie end of next week. As you know, if you miss deadline criteria then you will not be able to claim any PQS payments.

By the end of this month you must:

– be offering NMS and/or ‘flu vaccination (and include this in your services section on NHS website)

-NHS mail. Have a shared premises account with at least two live linked accounts. Any problems to or call 0333 200 1133

-NHS website hours

-NHS website services (which must include the advanced service(s) claimed as gateway criteria)

-NHS website facilities

We will endeavour to contact those who have not completed these in the coming week but we do have limited capacity!

Our biggest worry is contractors who may think they have updated or verified their NHS website entry but have only completed one or two sections, and those who are claiming NHS flu vaccination payments or NMS payments but have not included this in their list of services.

Other criteria that must be completed by 30th November 2019

-Information in the pharmacy’s NHS111 Directory of Services (DoS) is correct. This must include opening hours for Easter Sunday 2020, and public and bank holidays up to late May bank holiday 2020. Any problems to or 0300 303 4034

29th November 2019 is the latest date you can start the Lithium audit (or equivalent) and the Valproate Audit in order to complete the required three consecutive months’ audit.

1st December 2019 is also the deadline if you wish to receive the £900 transition payment for offering the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service.

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