Duties of the LPC

The duties of the committee, within its constitution, are as follows:

  • To be the LPC recognised in accordance with the National Health Service Act 2006 as the LPC which the NHS National Commissioning Board is under a duty to consult.
  • To ensure that the Committee conducts its affairs in accordance with accepted principles of good governance.
  • To establish effective liaison with other bodies concerned with the Health Service in the Essex locality. 
  • To appoint/nominate representatives to any committee or subcommittee on which pharmaceutical representation is required.
  • To ensure arrangements are in place to advise any pharmacy contractor who needs help or assistance on NHS matters.
  • To consider any complaint made by any pharmacy contractor against another pharmacy contractor carrying on business in the area for which the committee is constituted involving any question of the efficiency of the Pharmaceutical Services.
  • To make representations to the CCGs, HWBs, NHS England Essex Area Team and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee on matters of importance to pharmacy contractors.
  • To request the Commissioners to allot to the committee such sums as are required to defray the committee's administrative expenses and for any sums so allotted to be taken from the monies available for the remuneration of pharmacy contractors.
  • To assist in the formulation of bids for funds held at any level and advise on submissions for LPS.
  • To ensure transparency and equality of information and opportunity for all contractors in matters relating to the local purchasing of pharmaceutical services.
  • To collaborate with PSNC on all matters for the provision of pharmaceutical services regarding local and national issues.
  • To collaborate with other pharmaceutical bodies including other LPCs to the benefit of pharmacy contractors.
  • To respond to any request for an enquiry by a contractor who believes that the LPC or an officer of the LPC has acted unconstitutionally, by holding a meeting of the LPC to deal with the matter and to report to all contractors represented by the LPC.