Members, Officers and Staff of the LPC

The Essex Local Pharmaceutical Committee consists of a mix of Independent Pharmacy contractors and representatives of larger pharmacy companies and their employees. In addition, the committee has two co-Chairs, a Chief Executive, a Support Manager and a Finance Manager.
Angela Culleton
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Angela is employed as Part Time Administration Assistant and joined Essex LPC in August 2009. She has worked within organisations where she specialised in Personnel and Health and Safety.
Ash Pandya
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Ash joined the LPC in 2007 as Business Development Manager and was appointed Chief Executive in April 2009. He was a contractor for 14 years and worked for 10 years as the National Commissioning Manager at NHS Direct.
Bharat Patel
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Bharat has been an LPC Member since 1983, an active representative at the PSNC and was appointed NPA Chairman in April 2011. He strongly believes in the LPC representing Pharmacy & Contractors.
Elaine Dove-Dixon
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Elaine joined the LPC as Office Manager in March 2009. She has been employed in administration management roles since 1994 and has a strong record of achievement in a variety of environments.
Frank McLaughlan
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Frank joined Essex LPC as CCA reprentative for Lloyds Pharmacy in May 2012.
Joe Hamilton
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Joe is an Area Manager for Lloyds Pharmacy , managing 23 stores in North London, and is responsible for delivering the business strategies and key objectives for the Company.
Karen Samuel-Smith
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Karen joined Essex LPC in January 2011 as Business Development & Contractor Support Manager. She previously worked as a Community Pharmacy Contracts Manager with NHS Waltham Forest. Karen’s role is to support initiatives and projects across Essex.
Michael Rodol
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Michael has worked in several independent chains, and is currently working at Tesco Pitsea, as a Pharmacy Manager. Michael is a CCA representative on the Committee.
Mikey Donnachie
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Mikey has worked at Rowlands Pharmacy in Jaywick for 7 years. He has been a CCA rep on the LPC since November 2015.
Nikunj Shah
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Having been a pharmacy owner in NE Essex since 2012, I am an avid LPC supporter, respect its role and want make a valuable contribution by supporting community pharmacists.
Penny Skellern
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Having had 27 year experience as a community pharmacist, I feel that it is important to understand, and be involved with, local issues. I hope my enthusiasm and experience will help me be a strong local LPC representative.
Rajiv Sharma
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Rajiv has worked in Basildon as an independent contractor for 25 years. He has played an important part in developing and increasing the role of community pharmacists within South West Essex PCT during that time.
Sanjay Patel
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Sanjay is currently employed as Area Pharmacy Manager for Boots UK Ltd.
Simon Moul
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Simon is currently employed by Day Lewis in Colchester. An LPC Member for over 10 years, he has been industrious in representing pharmacy within the locality and has championed enhanced services. He currently holds the position of Co-Chair of the LPC.
Tunde Sokoya
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During the 20 years I have been a pharmacist, I have been a proactive team leader and have had experience in a variety of areas. I am looking forward to the opportunity of demonstrating the worth of community pharmacy within my role as an LPC Member.