Coronavirus – COVID-19

Thank you for all the community pharmacist and their teams for their ever ending efforts and continued hard work to the local community


What contractors and pharmacy teams can do now

Guidance for pharmacies has been published by NHSE&I, which is subject to review as the situation changes. Our general guidance is that pharmacy contractors and their teams:

  1. Read the NHSE&I guidance whenever it is updated and implement its recommended actions;
  2. Clearly display the COVID-19 posters at points of entry to your pharmacy;
  3. Complete a risk review for your pharmacy and put steps in place to mitigate any risks identified;
  4. All pharmacy staff should wear facemasks;
  5. Implement your business continuity plan where required
  6. Keep up to date with developments by regularly checking the information on  COVID-19 on GOV.UK, the NHSE&I Coronavirus Primary Care webpage and checking your NHSmail shared mailbox on a regular basis for updates from NHSE&I; and
  7. Where possible, display the Infection Prevention Control face coverings poster.