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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
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Seasonal flu vaccination reminder for pharmacy teams

25 October 2018 - 8:30am

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Dr Keith Ridge, has written a letter to encourage pharmacy teams in direct contact with the public to be vaccinated against influenza this winter.

In a letter to pharmacy bodies, Dr Ridge, said:

“The General Pharmaceutical Council advises pharmacy professionals providing key healthcare services, and often dealing with patients directly, to consider getting vaccinated and to encourage their staff to get vaccinated as well.”

Last year, figures show that 68.7% of frontline health care workers were vaccinated against flu, compared to 63.2% in 2016/17. In the letter, Dr Ridge stresses that this is a significant achievement but he would like to see more frontline staff vaccinated this year to help reduce pressure on the NHS.

Letter from Keith Ridge


Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are pharmacy team members an eligible group for flu vaccination within the community pharmacy Advanced Flu Vaccination Service?
No. Employers may wish to offer pharmacy staff flu vaccinations as part of their occupational health arrangements, but this cannot be undertaken as part of the Advanced Service. If a pharmacy team member is eligible for an NHS flu vaccination and falls into one of the eligible patient groups for the Advanced Service, they would be able to use the service at the pharmacy.

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NHS England publish national pharmacy clinical audit for 2018/19

24 October 2018 - 11:01am

NHS England has today (24th October 2018) published the paperwork for the 2018/19 national community pharmacy clinical audit; this must be completed by all pharmacy contractors.

The focus of the audit is the provision of advice to people with diabetes on the importance of them receiving an annual seasonal influenza vaccination. The audit has been timed to take place during the flu vaccination season, so that people with diabetes can be encouraged to be vaccinated and where they have not yet been vaccinated and the pharmacy offers the NHS flu vaccination service, they can be offered a vaccination at the pharmacy.

The audit will generally need to be conducted over a one-week period, selected by the pharmacy contractor, during October, November or the first half of December; the data collection needs to be completed by 16th December 2018 and the audit data needs to be submitted to NHS England’s web-based portal by midnight on 30th December 2018.

Further information on the 2018/19 CPCF national clinical audit on flu vaccination for people with diabetes

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