MUR and NMS Activity Reports

Just a reminder that you need to submit MUR and NMS activity reports for quarter 1 through NHSBSA, the link for quarter 1 reports will close on 1st August.

Further information can be found at

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Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPAF)

Please see attached letter from NHS England regarding this year’s Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPAF) contract monitoring arrangements. As with the past two years, this will consist of a short questionnaire, with the full CPAF questionnaire being sent to pharmacies that choose not to complete the shorter version.

As with previous years we should remind you that you do not have to complete this questionnaire, however we strongly recommend that you do. It is a relatively straightforward process to follow, and requires far less time and input than a full CPAF questionnaire or monitoring visit. The survey is open from Monday 12th June to Sunday 9th July.

Quality Payment Scheme data review point contractor FAQs.

You will be aware that the portal for the Quality Payment Scheme is currently open, and will remain open until 12th May 2017: however the review point was Friday, 28th April and the responses you give should be as applicable on that date. You can access the portal and make declarations of compliance at

Please note that you do not need to submit any evidence with these declarations, however NHS England will be monitoring declarations as for any other part of the contract and they may request evidence to support declarations in due course.

In addition to declarations of compliance with Gateway and QPS criteria the survey includes some evaluation questions. These are not mandatory and the answers will not affect your payments in any way, they are there to evaluate the impact of QPS.

NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS)

One of the QPS criteria is the requirement for contractors to check that the NHS111 Directory of Services (DoS) is up to date at the review point. You can now do this by following the link below:


You will need to make a note of any inaccuracies and complete the survey form.  This will then inform the local NHS 111 DoS Lead if there are any inaccuracies in your 111 DoS profile(s). 

Once you have done this you will receive a confirmation email as evidence that this Quality Payment criterion has been met. 

You will then be able to use this evidence when the QPS portal opens from 10th April.

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